Nitrogen is necessary for all known forms of life on Earth. For plants, Nitrogen is an integral part of all proteins, and is one of the main chemical elements required for plant growth and photosynthesis. In basic terms, Nitrogen helps plants with rapid growth, increasing seed and fruit production and improving the quality of leaf and forage crops.

compost tea

Brewing Compost tea is simple once you have the setup (see our directions). You can create your own recipe or use one of the many available online. The benefits of using compost tea on your plants are clear; Check out these top 6 reasons to brew... Read More

marijuana seeds

  It's time to get started growing your marijuana plants and all you have to start is seeds. Germination ensures your cannabis seeds will grow into plants and jumpstarts the growing process. The goal of germination is to get your seeds to sprout. You will know you have been successful when you see a white… Read More


  Select the Best Plant to Clone   What is a clone? A clone is a small portion of the plant that you cut off in order to grow into it's own plant. The clone will grow it's own roots. Why clone marijuana? Cloning marijuana is done simply to create more plants that are female… Read More

easy to grow salad

Grow Your Own Salad Five of the easiest vegetables to grow for beginner gardeners makeup the everyday dinner salad; lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and radishes. With all of these vegetables, you will want to make sure your garden is placed where it will get plenty of sun and you have a sandy, well-draining soil. You… Read More


Watering your plants   No matter what you are growing, water is a necessity. All plants require water in order to grow properly and flourish. That said, many, myself included, over water their plants while others forget to water at all. Let's dive into how to water and how much to water your plants.  … Read More


Growing Cannabis There is a lot to learn about growing marijuana. Educating yourself before jumping in will benefit you so you can plan and be a step ahead in harvesting healthy buds. With marijuana, you must educate yourself not only on how to grow it, but on the laws surrounding. Marijuana is in different states… Read More

With Marijuana legal – it is important to fully understand the laws. This is a quick guide is a brief review of what each state currently deems legal recreational marijuana usage.   ALASKA Age: 21 Carry: 1 oz. Grow: 6 plants per house Keep at home: Full yield from plants Taxes: $50 per oz excise… Read More

yellow leaves

What do Yellow Leaves Mean? Before you jump to any conclusions, you must know that plants have a natural aging cycle, just like humans. Although it may look like a negative that the leaf is yellow, all leaves naturally age from green to yellow to brown, and then they dry up and shrivel. Plants are… Read More

Learn to Garden

Gardening basics I want to grow my own food. It sounds so rewarding and I see others reaping the benefits of fresh vegetables and herbs. The problem; I am paralyzed by my lack of knowledge on how to do this. If this sounds familiar to you this is meant to relieve your hesitations and empower… Read More

plants by month

Timing is everything. Location and temperature are two very important elements for successful gardens. Depending on your local temperatures and elevation, this guide aims to give you a list of garden vegetables you can plant each month of the year.   JANUARY In most US locations it is still too cold in January to plant… Read More

container garden

Strawberry container garden Container gardening is booming in popularity for those who strive to grow their own vegetables, but may live in the city or suburbs and lack the large dedicated garden space in their yards. Container gardening is also an attractive option because they are mobile, allowing you to grow vegetables all year long… Read More

ChickenFuel Compost

ChickenFuel Compost Warning: Improper use of chicken manure will burn or kill your plants. Does this statement detour you from using chicken manure in your garden? Raw chicken manure is considered too hot to be used directly on your garden because of it's high levels of nitrogen. But then again, you probably shouldn't use raw… Read More

ChickenFuel compost

ChickenFuel compost I need a compelling reason to buy poo in a bag, and I don't think I am alone. Not only is there science backing the use of chicken manure compost for fertilizing your plants, but there is also a variety of ways you can incorporate the composted chicken manure in your growing process.… Read More