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Composted chicken manure for organic gardening


Composted chicken manure for organic gardening


ChickenFuel is a natural growth accelerant and protector for your garden, raised bed or container garden. Brew ChickenFuel to add to your plants for optimal nutrient retention, disease suppression and to improve the overall health of your plants. ChickenFuel compost is designed to brew larger batches of tea and can also be mixed into your soil while planting seeds or used as a topsoil.

DankoDirt composts ChickenFuel in Creswell, Oregon, following best practices to ensure a top quality, balanced and consistent fertilizer and soil conditioner that will benefit anything from tomatoes to houseplants.

Organic gardeners find that ChickenFuel creates amazing results in their yield; the owners themselves have been adding it to their gardens for over 20 years. ChickenFuel can be shipped anywhere in the US for $14.99. ChickenFuel can turn your garden or potted plants around in weeks, helping your plants produce large yield by enriching the soil with key nutrients.


"ChickenFuel has been a major component to our compost tea's this season. After we first used it on a trial set of clones, we immediately knew we were going to keep this product on the farm year round."


How to make Compost Tea

Follow these 7 simple steps to brew amazing compost tea using ChickenFuel and watch your plants thrive!